Streaker is revolutionizing the sports prediction market!

It is a mobile marketplace for sports predictions that is democratizing the picking of sports content for all fans.

It is creating trusted records and allowing bettors to buy picks with confidence.

Build a Record

Pickers use their skill to predict the outcomes of sports games and build a record of success

Make Money

As a successful record is built, pickers can monetize their past success by selling future picks

Built to be trusted

Built and cataloged on a blockchain platform to ensure pickers records are 100% trusted

Risk Free

Bettors looking for advice can buy picks from a trusted source, and they ONLY pay when the pick is right!

Meet the Founders

A licensed attorney and all-around entrepreneurial maverick, Mark has brought multiple companies from an idea to revenue generation. Also, he is an avid Blazers and Seahawks fan along with being a successful predictor.
A military officer from West Point, he has worked as a stockbroker and consulted for a range of startups in the areas of financing and valuation. He is currently in graduate school studying global management and occasionally takes Mark's advice on bets.